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How Social Media Made Starting and Promoting a Small Business More Accessible for Everyone

It’s no surprise that the number of small businesses using social media has doubled since 2008, with many owners using it as a way of …
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The Importance of Math Knowledge in Business Success

To run a successful business, an entrepreneur requires a variety of skills, from product creations to talent acquisition. But perhaps the most important skill of …
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7 Common Resume Questions for Graduates Answered

When you get out of college the world can feel a little upside down. Freshly qualified grads usually have a lot of questions to answer …
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7 Tips in Managing Your Investments through a Divorce in Georgia

Divorce is often emotional and overwhelming. Anyone going through a marital breakup may temporarily want to put aside thoughts about retirement, trusts, and wills for …
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5 Services for Lawyer and Firm Management

There’s no beating around the bush anymore: law firm technology is here to stay. 5 Services for Lawyer and Firm Management Modern lawyers are required …
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How Do You Develop Your Investment Strategy?

The most successful investment strategies are not always ones with the highest return on investment in the past. Instead, the most effective strategy will be …
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How to Successfully Protect Your Company’s Assets

Company assets, both tangible and intangible, make business operations and eventual growth possible. Hence, protecting these resources is as equally important as developing them.   How …
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Buy More for Less: How to Save Money on Groceries

Over time and again, financial literacy has been one of the most discussed and neglected issues in many communities. Buy More for Less: How to …
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The 5 Steps You Need to Take to Get Your Startup From Paper to Launch and Then to Infinity and Beyond

You can listen to this podcast (instead of reading it) in the tool below, and you can subscribe in iTunes here. I started my business …
Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages
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Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages [What’s New in the 2021 Edition]

Dave Ramsey is a well-known name in the finance sector. Anyone who is struggling with adulting, especially managing their finances, has heard of him and …
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3 Powerful Growth Strategies on How to Increase Revenue and the Value of Your Business

The small business owner’s elusive goal … how to increase revenues, how to increase the value of your business. and then, how to find sources …
passive sustainable income
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Create Wealth and Achieve Financial Independence by Creating Multiple Streams of Passive Sustainable Income

What do the wealthiest and most successful investors in the world know that you might not? I’m going to provide four instrumental pieces of information …

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