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At The Kickass Entrepreneur, our goal is to help small business owners increase revenues, improve profits, and ultimately, create wealth.  We are focused on helping build successful businesses.  The products and services we promote are all of the things that support this focus, and these are products are services that we use ourselves. The products you see listed below we use daily. They are all at the core of how we run our business.

These are tools that will help you grow your business, and create wealth. We believe in them, that’s why we support them.  Also, we have an affiliate relationship with these products, so, if you buy something from them, we will receive a small commission.

Profit Machine

We Teach Proven Strategies and Concepts To Help You Build Your Business

How to Turn Your Small Business Into a Profit Machine in 60 Days (Course)

In this course we’ll explore a method that you can easily deploy in your business to help you:
1. Improve your business’s profitability by three, four, or even more times
2. Normalize cash flow and help you better understand the cash you have in the bank
3. Prepare your business for future growth
4. Provide a framework for using your profits to create wealth
And the best part is, you don’t need an accounting background.
If you’re an entrepreneur looking for the secret to unleash your business’s profit potential then this course is for you.

The Best Software Tools to Help You Power and Grow Your Business

semrush review


SEMrush is our go-to SEO tool to help us optimize our sites, rank for new traffic, and monitor and manage the health of our online assets. You can read the most comprehensive SEMrush review on the internet, written for beginners.

convertkit logo


Convertkit is our email and marketing automation platform that helps us keep in touch with our readers, manages and monitors engagement, creates the marketing drip campaigns and automation, and helps build our online business. More Info Here.

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Leadpages is our landing page tool that we use to optimize conversion for our marketing assets including our books, courses, and other online products. With Leadpages we can easily create and then A/B test our various pages, and make quick decisions on the success of each page. More Info Here.


Fiverr is our primary hiring tool where we're able to find some of the best contractors and talent from around the world. Whether we need a video editor, writer, designer, or someone for voice over work, Fiverr is our go-to hiring tool. It's helped power the backend of our website since inception. More Info Here.

We Write Books To Help You Build Your Business and Wealth

The Kickass Entrepreneur’s Guide to Investing – Three Simple Steps to Build Massive Wealth With Your Business’s Profits

Are you an entrepreneur, so busy with the needs of your business that you haven’t had time to even think about a proper asset allocation strategy?

Does worrying about what to do with business profits keep you up at night?

Your financial advisor can’t help – they don’t understand how the business owner’s mind works. You also don’t have time to learn and manage a complicated and time-consuming approach to wealth management.

What you need is a quick business strategy for profit allocation.

Some good news?

You’re now 90-minutes away from learning the secret to building wealth through your business’s profits and achieving kick-ass compounded returns. It’s time to stop watching the markets, and time to focus on building your portfolio and taking control of your financial independence.

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